ceiling fan connection and wiring


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Aug 28, 2021

Connection of ceiling fan

In this post, we are going to know the proper ceiling fan connection. Here you will know the connection of ceiling fan with a Capacitor. Many folks have no idea how to connect a ceiling fan to a capacitor. So, in this article, we'll look at how to locate the ceiling fan's terminals in order to attach a capacitor.

How to connect capacitor to ceiling fan ?

The ceiling fan has two windings, one that is running and the other that is starting. The capacitor must be connected in series with the starting winding and then across the power supply. The running winding, on the other hand, must be linked directly across the power supply.

So, first and foremost, we must determine the starting and running windings. To help you understand, I've included a diagram.
ceiling fan wiring diagram

The ceiling fan, as shown above, has three terminals wired outside: red, black, and yellow. The majority of ceiling fans have three wires outside. You can also observe one terminal of each winding joined together and carried outside as a common wire in the ceiling fan's winding connection.

We can identify the winding terminals by measuring resistance. You can identify the terminals of any ceiling which has different colors using this method.

Suppose in this case we have measured the resistance between

Red and Black wire: 230Ω
Red and Yellow: 250Ω
Yellow and Black: 475Ω
These are the terminals of running and starting winding because the resistance between yellow and black is the highest. As a result, the rest of the red terminal is common and connected to both windings.

We know that starting winding is more difficult than running winding. Because the resistance between Red and yellow is greater than the resistance between Red and Black, yellow is the starting winding terminal and black is the running winding terminal.

Connect the capacitor between the running and beginning windings as shown in the diagram above once you've identified the terminals on the ceiling.